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Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Jute Goods

The Sagar Jute Spinning Mills Ltd is an most promising manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Jute diversified and traditional products in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

With a worldwide client base, we are equipped to handle orders of any size, and if necessary at short notice. 

Our jute diversified products colour range is larger than ever; and our jute products span several categories to reach your choice!

Were promised to make quality jute products and contribute to Bangladesh economy by exporting eco-friendly quality jute goods.


“The Sagar Jute Spinning Mills Ltd” is a high achiever of a very short span of existence year-after-year. It has an excellent management disciplines in finance, production and marketing.

Manufacturing Process

We mandates for greater degree of consciousness and openness with regard to quality at all stages of the jute manufacturing process.

Quality Control

Continuous quality control is the main key to success in world market. We set the high standards of quality at all levels of our production.

Shipment on time

100% committed on time delivery and ready to provide compensation on fail of our commitment to delivery time schedule

OUR INFRASTRUCTURE - The Sagar Jute Spinning Mills Ltd BanglaDesh 

We have our own work force. Having our own work force guarantees a sense of indigenous qualities which an In-House Man power can provide. We believe that apart from sleek machinery, even high quality work force is very crucial for manufacturing our products. Skilled hands added to skilled machinery will result in high quality end products. 

After all, the finishing of the products is also very important which the customer will ultimately take note of. The work force is highly dedicated and skilled. We are really lucky to have a dedicated work force as work is worship so the end result is got to be at par with the expectations. 

The entire facility is present under one roof. A unified workplace which consists of the factory, store houses, inventory rooms and the site office surely is a convenient option.

Our Journey  Creating Jute Goods Since 1982

Sagar Jute Spinning Mills was founded by the late Indu Bhusan Das back in the financial year 1982-1984. With a reputation of over 40 years and under the current leadership of the chairman Mr. Chitta Ranjan Das, Sagar Jute Spinning Mills has established itself as a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of jute products. From traditional to modern, our jute goods have won the hearts of customers worldwide. Our products are available in a wide variety of colors, so you can find the perfect match for your needs. Whether you need a small or large order, we’ve got you covered, even on short notice. As a company committed to eco-friendliness, we take pride in contributing to the Bangladeshi economy by exporting top-quality jute goods. Choose Sagar Jute Mill for quality products that leave a lasting impression!


Our mission at Sagar Jute Spinning Mills is to alleviate poverty by providing employment opportunities through the production of high-quality, eco-friendly VOT/food-graded jute products. We strive to become a top brand in the global jute sector and earn the trust of our customers by continuously innovating and developing cost-effective, space-saving solutions. Our commitment to preserving the environment is at the forefront of everything we do.


  • Our customers are the heart of our business.
  • Our products are innovative. They inspire our customers to create individual environments.
  • Our people empower & motivate.
  • Our planet, we protect, invest & create a better environment.


  • Focusing on customer solutions in public & private sectors both in established and important growth markets.​
  • Offering innovative resilient & jute products and service.​
  • Positioning jute as the flagship for its unique value proposition around the world.​
  • Fulfilling the customer needs by balancing the offering as needed by national requirements beyond resilient.​
  • Ensuring excellence in all operations.​
  • Attracting, developing and motivating highly qualified staff.​

Sagar Jute Spinning Mills’ vision is to be a leader in customer solutions with innovative and resilient jute products while promoting jute as a valuable material worldwide and supporting sustainable practices.

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