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“Jute is not only eco-friendly and biodegradable but also safe for human beings. We commend those who use Jute and its products for their efforts in preserving nature.”

“My father, the late InduBhusan Das, founded Sagar Jute Spinning Mills Ltd. in the 1982-1983 financial year. From my boyhood to the present, I have devoted my full attention to the jute industry and dealt with it in various ways. Throughout my business career, I have always strived for new developments and actively cooperated from the preliminary stage. As a Director/Chairman of Sagar Jute Spinning Mills Ltd. for about 40 years, I have worked hard to maintain our reputation.”

“At Sagar Jute Spinning Mills Ltd., our goal is to manufacture all types of jute goods and deliver them to our valuable foreign buyers according to their demands. We prioritize ensuring the best quality products to maintain our reputation worldwide and at home.”

Thanks for all.

Mr. Chitta Ranjan Das.

Sagar Jute Spinning Mills Ltd.

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